Rethinking carbon data collection: challenges and solutions


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Data collection is the fundamental pillar for conducting a carbon footprint and planning actions to reduce the climate impact of an organization. However, this crucial step sometimes represents a real challenge for carbon experts as well as for businesses.

At our latest event, we gathered 20 carbon experts at Tapio to discuss “How to reinvent data collection?” This session fostered numerous exchanges and sharing of experiences to facilitate data collection, which we are eager to share with you.

Based on discussions with the experts, we identified the challenges and compiled solutions to facilitate data collection.

Discover our map of challenges and potential solutions to overcome them.









The challenges of data collection are numerous but not insurmountable. By combining team engagement, effective governance, optimal time and resource management, as well as improving the quality and accessibility of data, companies can address these challenges and enhance their commitment to sustainability.

Thanks to the continuous development of technologies, especially platforms like Tapio, numerous solutions for managing the availability, quality, and format of data are readily accessible.



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