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Combining technology with climate expertise, Tapio enables companies to make the transition towards a decarbonised economy.

Our solutions empower businesses and organisations to act upon their emissions; by measuring, analysing and reducing their environmental impact and sharing it with their stakeholders to ensure transparency along the whole value chain.

According to Finnish mythology, Tapio is the spirit of the forest and the protector of trees. We felt a strong connection between this meaning and our purpose which is the reason why we named our company after him.

Helping companies to shape a decarbonised future, turning climate urgency into opportunity.

Based on a comprehensive analysis of thousands of carbon data points we have come to analyse, our Carbon Strategy Platform matches your high sources of emissions with low-carbon solutions. This will help you to reach your reduction targets and to monitor the whole process. By doing so and thanks to our solution marketplace, you can visualise the best pathway to decarbonise your company effortlessly.

You can’t improve what you don’t understand. Carbon accounting is the process of measuring the amount of CO₂e your company emits, and therefore, the starting point of your climate journey. To get started, just get in touch with one of our experts.

Our solutions derive from an annual subscription plan where you can request additional features for an extra cost. This model allows us to maximise our impact and remunerate our team fairly, so we can afford the best profiles available to keep developing innovative climate technology.

Of course! Our subscriptions are flexible and can be cancelled at any time, without paying any fine. Just remember that our annual subscription is non-refundable.

Climate change is the most severe threat humanity has ever faced. Without companies playing their role, there is little hope to achieve the targets needed to avoid devastating consequences. At Tapio, we believe that the leading companies of tomorrow will have settled a carbon strategy into their overall program and governance. Besides, carbon regulations are coming, and businesses will have to comply with them sooner than later.

What cannot be reduced should at least be compensated, in that order. This neutralisation of emissions is called “carbon offset” and occurs when you finance a certified project that removes (or helps avoid) a fixed amount of greenhouse gases per year. However, by making a project contribution, you’re not taking care of your actual emissions, but paying to compensate them elsewhere.