Chèques-entreprises : finance your company’s transition


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Do you want to make your company more sustainable, but the costs seem prohibitive? If your company is based in the Walloon region, you have access to Chèques-entreprises to finance your sustainability strategy, including the reduction of your carbon footprint.



What are Chèques-entreprises?


Chèques-entreprises are a financial aid set up by the Walloon Region for companies wishing to receive support throughout the various phases of their development.

Tapio has received the Chèque-Économie Circulaire label. By working with us, you can benefit from financial support for your greenhouse gas emission reduction strategy.



Am I eligible for Chèques-entreprises?


To benefit from this aid, your company must meet the following criteria:

  • Have its main office in the Walloon Region;
  • Be a small or medium company (less than 250 employees, less than €50 million sales);
  • Not operating in one of the excluded sectors (fishing, aquaculture and agricultural production);
  • Not having reached the minimis ceiling;
  • Carry out a preliminary study of the project by completing a questionnaire provided by the Walloon Region;
  • Work with a certified partner such as Tapio.

For a complete list of criteria, visit the official Walloon Region page.



How can Chèques-Entreprises help reduce my company’s carbon footprint?


A greenhouse gas reduction strategy might seem expensive at first. With the aid offered by the Walloon Region, you could be eligible for a 50% subsidy on the total cost of the consultancy mission, up to a maximum of €35,000 excluding VAT over 3 years.

As Tapio is a certified partner, you can benefit from this aid for your carbon strategy. In particular, by working with us, you could benefit from the Chèque-Économie circulaire, whose aim is to encourage and support the transition to more sustainable business models where resource efficiency is optimized. By doing so, you’ll be contributing to a positive environmental impact and an overall improvement in economic performance.



How can I benefit from Chèques-entreprises?


If you’re eligible for Chèques-entreprises and want to work with Tapio, we’ll help you apply. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. You validate the quote and service proposed by Tapio;
  2. You enter your request for the financial aid with Tapio’s help;
  3. The administration validates the file in a maximum of 5 working days. In the meantime, you pay your share of the mission;
  4. At the end of the mission, Tapio submits the final invoice and report;
  5. You validate these documents;
  6. The administration validates the the request and pays Tapio.



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