How to embed sustainability in global companies’s operating model

Webinar – Tuesday 18th of June – 11:30-12:15



🟡 Curious about how global companies integrate sustainability into their operating model? Discover the inspiring case of CBTW in our upcoming webinar! 💻

With over 3000 passionate individuals across 21 countries, CBTW is committed to delivering top-notch tech and business solutions while making a positive impact on the world. 🌍


Here’s what we’ll cover:

🌿 CBTW’s ESG approach and governance: discover how CBTW integrates sustainability into operations, adding internal value and transforming the business model.

🌎 CSR and SBTi: explore CSR initiatives and SBTi commitment, including insights into the carbon report and data collection processes in large companies with Colin Royer (Sustainability Engineer – Tapio)

🚀 CBTW brand strategy and vision: Anna (Brand Leader – CBTW) will share CBTW’s sustainability efforts and vision for a better future, including Tapio’s role in aligning with CBTW’s overarching strategy.


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Practical information:


📅 On Tuesday, 18/06

🕦 From 11:30 AM to 12:15 PM (30 minutes presentation and 15 minutes Q&A)

🎙 Speakers:

  • Claudia Egavian (Sustainability Project Manager – CBTW)
  • Anna Wiegand (Brand Leader – CBTW)
  • Enrico Maset (ESG Officer – CBTW)
  • Colin Royer (Sustainability Engineer – Tapio)

✅ Presentation, conversations and Q&A

🗣 In English



Discover CBTW’s sustainability journey!