How to integrate sustainability into corporate culture? The case of VPharma and Multipharma

Webinar – Tuesday 09/07 – 11:30-12:15



Join us to discover the keys to making Multipharma and VPharma cooperatives operate more sustainably.

A webinar organised in collaboration with Quentin Van Buylaere (Multipharma), GrΓ©gory Van Roy (VPharma), and Alexandre Philippe (Impact Valley) to address the following questions:

πŸ“Š What obstacles need to be overcome in terms of sustainability, and what are the cooperatives’ expectations regarding the carbon report?

βœ… What initiatives are being implemented to engage all stakeholders in this process?

πŸ”„ What practical actions and tools should be put in place to support companies and foster a culture of sustainability after the carbon conducting the carbon report?


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Practical information:


πŸ“… On Tuesday, 09/07


πŸ•¦ From 11:30 AM to 12:15 PM (30 minutes presentation and 15 minutes Q&A)


πŸŽ™ Speakers:


βœ… Presentation, conversations and Q&A


πŸ—£ In French



Discover the sustainability journey of Multipharma and VPharma!