Launch your SME’s climate strategy in less than a week with our Compliant Carbon Report 


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It’s a simple fact: many small service companies (SMEs, scale-ups, strat-ups) want to embark on a meaningful climate strategy. However, few have the time or financial resources to undertake a full carbon audit. To help you overcome these obstacles, Tapio has developed the Compliant Carbon Report tool. This approach guarantees you a quick and easy assessment (in less than a week) of your carbon emissions, while aligning with the standards of the international GHG protocol.



What is the Compliant Carbon Report?


The Compliant Carbon Report is a 40-question survey. The result of this questionnaire provides an estimate of your organisation’s carbon emissions. The 40 questions relate to your company, its energy consumption and its mobility policy. As the information is collected by answering the questions, the tool enables you to quickly and easily assess your SME’s carbon footprint. This estimate then allows you to start thinking about ways to reduce emissions.



The starting point for your climate strategy


The Compliant Carbon Report offers many advantages

1. Because it’s quick and easy to carry out, the Compliant Carbon Report is accessible to small service organisations (maximum 20 employees) that are interested in their carbon impact.

2. The method and results of the Compliant Carbon Report comply with the GHG protocol.

3. It inspires and facilitates the implementation of your future climate strategy.


And also prospects for development

The Compliant Carbon Report is a general estimate of the main emissions based on physical and monetary data, but also on assumptions with a variable degree of uncertainty. This first step can then be further enhanced by an exhaustive carbon footprint to launch your company on a precise emissions reduction plan.



How it works in practice


The Compliant Carbon Report takes place in different stages and gathers different data, as detailed below:



Compliant Carbon Report VS ‘Classic’ Carbon footprint, what are the differences?


The Compliant Carbon Report is a different tool to Tapio’s ‘Classic’ Carbon Footprint.

The following table shows the main different aspects of the two tools:


* The Carbon Strategy Page is a public page that provides information and updates on the company’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and promote environmentally sustainable practices.



Estimate your carbon footprint quickly and easily with the Tapio’s Compliant Carbon Report